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Fun products!

GREAT STARTER: Good amount of several colors of Premo, preferred by many pros.  
 MUST HAVE: The best tools, in stainless steel, with a great feel and many uses. 

Gotta Have it tool by Christi Friesen. Stainless steel. Well worth it! 

Can't Live Without It tool by Christi Friesen. Stainless steel. Well worth it! 

THIN SLICING: To trim, cut, slice polymer clay. Be careful, they are sharp!
WAVY: Fun wavy blades for cutting polymer 

PASTA MACHINE Great basic machine

ALSO GOOD Pasta machine

PRIMO pasta machine!

Good cutters for clay

Kemper makes some of the best cutters for clay

Lucite surface to work on

Gotta have mica powders for shine!

Who doesn't like bling? Hot fix crystals are best for polymer clay

When working with crystals, this is a great tool! 

Clear sacks for holding notecards

If you're teaching or doing lives, this works well for most phones

In case you need lights for your studio

Great portable mini light for your phone or iPad

Good ring light with options and a cell phone holder

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Trilogy Polymer Clay Workshop $80

Trilogy Polymer Clay Workshop $20 supplies

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